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A birthday is a day full of wishes, Joy, and blessings. Let’s make it memorable and a beautiful leaf in a book of life to cherish. Make this day more awesome with some yummy cakes no birthday is complete without enjoying a delectable Birthday cake with our loved ones while watching their faces light up with a smile as they enjoy the delicious, sweet treat. Here, at Bakeneto bakery we promise to be the reason behind those smiles as we serve you the best quality cakes made with high-quality ingredients and a dash of love. So, check out our specialties and best-selling cakes, and be ready to dig in!

One of the most striking birthday cakes is the Red velvet with its bright red colour offset by a white cream cheese frosting. It is said to have originated in the 1800s during Queen Victoria’s reign and was extremely popular among royalty as a luxury dessert. Rightly so, with its soft, moist velvety texture, tender crumb, and subtle chocolate flavour the cake continues to be a favorite for birthdays, weddings, and other grand celebrations. Most cakes depend upon eggs to create that fluffy, cloud-like texture but the good news is that we can replicate the same spongy texture without the use of eggs for you. Eggs can be replaced with several ingredients, and we use the best to give you the exact moist, smooth, and soft texture. Eggless cakes are a treat to the taste buds as much as the ones with eggs. If you are a Chocolate cake lover, then try out a new range of Chocolate cakes from Bakeneto. We bake Rich Chocolate cake which is a perfect combination of smooth silk truffle and eggless chocolate sponge and loaded with Choco chips and beautifully iced with thick chocolate glaze from the top, a treat for all Chocolate lovers.

Special Birthday Cake to Celebrate

One of the unique cakes in the NCR market is Nutella Irish Cake. This cake has a different and unique audience. It is a mouthwatering combination of Nutella & Irish cream with a fluffy chocolate sponge along with white firewater and a fully covered Nutella spread makes it blissful.

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