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Bakeneto is one of the best bakery to Order Cake Online in Noida as it offers various type of cakes for your celebration needs. Celebrate with some unique and best quality premium cakes by the best cake shop in Noida, Bakeneto. We have wide range of birthday cakes, kids cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding & engagement cakes, dry cakes, love cakes, desserts and flowers bouquet to offer you and your loved ones. Now, easily order cake online in Noida from the best cake shop Bakeneto. Get flowers, designer & customized quality cakes delivered to your place with our 1-hour super-fast delivery. Order cake from the most trusted bakery brand.

Some Trending Cakes in Noida

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KitKat Chocolate Cake
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Chocolate Treasure Cake
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Creamy Vanilla Cake
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Black Treasure Cake
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Chocolate Walnut Cake
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Dry Fruit Cake
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Choco Oreo Cake
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Rich Chocolate Cake
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Coffee Cake
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Mix Fruit Cake

Order Cakes Online in Noida | Cake Shop in Noida

Begin your celebration with one of the trusted bakery brand which bakes premium quality cakes with balanced sweetness and cream. Bakeneto bakes fresh cakes for you and our cakes are 100% Eggless, maintain complete hygiene standards to ensure customer safety and high quality. You can order cakes online in Noida and our 1-Hour cake delivery window will deliver them right on time basis our own in-house team. We offer more than 500 cake designs such as Cartoon cakes, Wedding cakes, Anniversary cakes, Dry cakes, Cakes for couples, corporate cakes, and almost all other types of customized theme cakes. We at Bakeneto do provide a same-day cake delivery option as well along with midnight cake delivery in Noida. Search for your desired place to order premium bakery items; desserts and cakes are now over with Bakeneto bakery, one of the best bakery shops to order cake in Noida. We are an FSSAI-certified bakery chain, committed to serving our customers the best taste and quality. We bake fresh cakes and deliver them quickly as you need. We also assist you in setting up the most suitable design for your event. Forget about that hassle of picking the best cake for your celebration, call Bakeneto, and get the cake you deserve.

Your special occasion needs a personalized theme cake. Whether you are welcoming your newborn baby, 1st birthday of your kid or celebrating graduation or retirement, we have all the theme cakes to complete your celebration. You can book any type of photo cake, Bomb cake, Doll cake for your little girl or lady’s special theme cake for your darling, beer theme cake, or cake for your mother to bring a smile on her face by ordering Mother’s Day special cake. We have cakes for Father, Brother, Sister, and friends. As we are a complete celebration solutions-based bakery hence we do provide full birthday accessories such as birthday caps, sash for brides and girls crowns, party poppers, multi types of candles, sparkle curtains and balloons etc.

We have cakes for all types of customers be it your simple birthday celebrations or your grand Engagement party or your Wedding party, we can fulfill all your dream pertaining to cakes. Planning to order cartoon cake online in Noida? Just call bakeneto or get your cake booked by our website or mobile app. With Bakeneto you get free and safe delivery options as well. We also do midnight cake delivery in Noida. You can now send e-greetings by Greetingsmsg.

Discover more Flavor Cakes from Bakeneto

Your search for best cake shop for online cake delivery end here with Bakeneto. With Bakeneto, you will feel satisfied with our quality cakes and designs which are suitable for all of your celebrations. Bakeneto offers limited but some authentic cake flavors for you all to celebrate and experience the best quality and unique cake designs. Booking cake online in Noida with bakeneto is very easy and you can book it less than a minute by our website or by calling us on our instant booking number 7071634634. With few click you can order cake online in Noida and enjoy seamless and hassle-free cake delivery to you home or to your office by bakeneto. No need to rush to bakeries anymore and get entangled into various unwanted cake designs. Here, with bakeneto you get specially designed cake for all the occasion, festivals, function and birthdays under in website. Check out few best flavored cake like – CHOCOLATE CAKES   |   FRUITS CAKES   |   BUTTERSCOTCH CAKES

Send Different Type of Theme Cakes in Noida by Bakeneto

A bunch of fresh flowers to complete your wishes with love and warmth for your loved ones on their special day. Bakeneto brings this unique option wherein you can order cake with flowers, chocolates, and a card. One of the best websites for online flower delivery in Noida in just 2 hours with instant quick and free home delivery. You can choose cake and flower combo and Order Flowers and Cake online in Noida to your loved ones. We also do arrange greetings cards and chocolates to complete your wishes. Just call bakeneto instant booking number and place your order online. Bakeneto also has midnight flowers delivery in Noida. You can discover all our Cake & Flower Combo and order it online.

Order Flowers Online in Noida

This year plan a theme cake for your loved one’s birthday, Anniversary or wedding and forget about hustle in ordering cake online on the last day. Bakeneto offers wide range of theme cake i.e., cake of kid’s birthday, cake for friend’s Anniversary, Wedding or Engagement cakes, cake for Husband, cake for Girl’s and cake for wife. Bakeneto is the best cake shop in Noida for offline and online cake delivery near Noida. Enjoy the best quality cakes in Noida and now you can send cake and flowers combos in just 1 hour with Bakeneto’s express delivery. Don’t worry if you forget to book the cake as we do deliver cake instantly also and we have the best midnight cake delivery in Noida channel as well.

Reasons that make Bakeneto the best option to Order Cakes Online in Noida

Treat yourself and your loved ones with best of the quality and taste and unique designed cakes and dessert. Bakeneto, the ultimate sweet destination to order cake online with the trust of over 10000+ customers. Bakeneto allows you to unfold multiple levels of delicious flavors and cake designs to convert your celebration into the event of lifetime memories. Enjoy the divine taste of Chocolate Cake fused with walnut and rum or with almonds dry fruits etc. 

Why one should consider Bakeneto over other online cake delivery options.

FSSAI Certified: Getting you the safe and hygienic items is our topmost priority. Bakeneto is an FSSAI-Certified bakery following all safely measures and precautions ensuring a hygienic work environment in our kitchens. You can entrust Bakeneto as we are committed to delivering delicious as well as safe items.

Premium Quality Ingredients: At bakeneto, we bake exceptional cakes with the best of the ingredients to give you scrumptious taste every time you order. These rich in quality ingredients allow us to prepare magnificent bites for you. You can count on bakeneto for every delicious bite.

100% Fresh & Eggless Items: Bakeneto bakes fresh every time you order from us. All our cakes are fluffy, rich in taste and have freshness in every bite. With bakeneto, you get eggless items so no need to worry about your religious affiliation anymore. We believe in baking balanced sweet and cream cakes for you which suit every event and occasion. This makes bakeneto a trustworthy bakery in Noida and nearby areas.

Doorsteps Delivery: Let’s savor your desired cake or any other bakery items at any time, day or midnight and enjoy enhanced accessibility with Bakeneto by our instant 1-hour delivery and midnight cake delivery facility. Bakeneto understands your instant celebration needs and can deliver cakes to your doorsteps or to your office. Craving desserts? Why wait in queues to satisfy your sweet tooth, just call bakeneto and enjoy.

Packaging: We @Bakeneto use ecofriendly non colorful basic but strong packaging and ensure safe delivery of your order. We have specifically designed a cake base and box of exact fit and give cake stand inside to avoid possible damages during transit. Our intention is to delivery cake in good condition always without a miss. We have 0.06% cake damage issues reported by our customers in the last +3 Years which is the best in entire NCR region.

Offers: Main reason to choose bakeneto to order cake online in Noida over any bakery because of our direct discounts and free delivery offers. This allows many users to enjoy and taste bakeneto’s premium cake as that fits in their budget slab post applying offers. We have first time Order offer, Offer for regular and festival also. Visit our offers page to know more about the offer and to start savings from today!

Special for Corporate Offers: Now you can save more with bakeneto’s corporate offer scheme and save incredibly. If you are an admin or HR from your company, then you can onboard our corporate plans where you get more benefits apart from savings and get best of the deals under corporate offers, like priorities order delivery, dedicated call support and more. Call us to know more about it on 7071-634-634.

These are the reasons which makes bakeneto the best cake bakery in Noida. If you are looking for 30 minutes cake delivery then we are the best cake bakery in noida sector 34, sector 35, sector 50, sector 51 and sector 52 etc. 

FAQ about Cake Delivery In Noida

Q1. Why Bakeneto is the first choice for cake delivery service in Noida?

Ans. Bakeneto is one of the most trusted cake delivery brand in Noida, NCR. We bake fresh and mouthwatering cakes, use eco friendly packaging and bake 100% Eggless cakes for you. Use authentic ingredients for cake baking and making. Bakeneto is your one stop shop for your all type of cakes and celebration need. Get quick cakes in 1 hours to grand customized cakes in 5 hours on same day along with all types of birthday decoration accessories etc.

Q2. Which all area or sector Bakeneto deliver cakes in Noida?

Ans. We do deliver cake in entire Noida. Order Cake online or via call and get cake delivery in Noida sector-1 to sector-134. We have rapid fast delivery in few sectors close to your kitchen in Sector-34, Sector-35 and Sector-45 Noida wherein you can get cakes in 30 to 45 minutes also. We do cake delivery in Noida in Sector-41, Sector-50, Sector-51 Noida within 1 hour. You can choose whether you want to come and pick your cake or need home delivery by ordering it online from our wensite

Q3. Do we get day delivery Noida villages like Chhalera, Morna, Barola, Hoshiarpur, Sarafabad?

Ans. Yes, bakeneto deliver cake in these village areas. User need to make a booking by our website and delivery timings starts from 11 Am to 9 Pm in these areas. Midnight cake delivery is also available will have additional cost of Rs 100. 

Feel free to discuss this all directly from 9:00 Am to 10:00 Pm on 7071634634.

Localities Of Noida Where Bakeneto Deliver Cakes

Cake Delivery in Noida AmityCake Delivery in Noida Sec –  15Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  34Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  51Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  73Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  107
Cake Delivery in Noida BaraulaCake Delivery in Noida Sec –  16Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  35Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  52Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  74Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  108
Cake Delivery in Noida SarfabadCake Delivery in Noida Sec –  18Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  36Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  53Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  75Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  119
Cake Delivery in Noida GejhaCake Delivery in Noida Sec –  19Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  37Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  54Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  76Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  120
Cake Delivery in GIP NoidaCake Delivery in Noida Sec –  20Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  38Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  55Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  77Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  121
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  1Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  22Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  39Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  56Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  78Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  124
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  2Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  24Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  40Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  57Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  79Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  125
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  3Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  25Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  41Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  58Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  82Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  126
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  4Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  26Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  42Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  59Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  99Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  127
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  6Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  27Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  44Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  62Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  100Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  128
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  8Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  28Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  45Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  64Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  101Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  134
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  9Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  29Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  46Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  65Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  102Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  135
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  10Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  30Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  47Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  66Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  103Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  144
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  11Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  31Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  48Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  70Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  104 
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  12Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  32Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  49Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  71Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  105 
Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  14 ACake Delivery in Noida Sec –  33Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  50Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  72Cake Delivery in Noida Sec –  106 

We are covering almost all the sectors in Noida and doing home deliveries. If your sector name is not there in the list then please order on instant order support by calling us @ 7071-634-634. 

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