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Book Wedding Cakes Online from Bakeneto

Weddings are the most exciting and crucial time of one’s life and when it comes to making it memorable one should choose a flavorful and stylish cake. Here, Bakeneto leaves no stone unturned in delivering best-in-class wedding cakes. It is one of the best bakery in Noida and Ghaziabad. These wedding cakes are designed keeping in mind the cake preference/type and the flavor according to the bride and groom. We offer various kinds of magnificent wedding cakes that will enchant the couple as well as the guests attending the wedding. Is your Engagement or Wedding around and you want to treat “you would be” with some heart-warming wedding cakes that they shall remember for the rest of their lives? then, order a happy wedding cake from Bakeneto to delight your loved one. All our cakes have been creatively designed to be appealing along with some of the best quality ingredients while preparing. This is what makes Bakeneto the best online cake bakery near you as compared to other cake shops. To honor the day of love when you both exchanged your vows to have a happily ever after, a special marriage cake or wedding cake is a must. A special wedding cake by Bakeneto will indeed add spark to your party and celebration. This will convert this celebration into an unforgettable event of love, love, and only love.

Multi- Tier Engagement & Wedding Cakes Experts

Bakeneto is an expert in designing Engagement Cakes, Wedding Cakes, and Anniversary cakes. We have a dedicated team who only works on big projects like these, and we shall be able to create any kind of customized cake design on your Wedding or Engagement Day that no one else can. We know the essence and the feel completely and will add that magic to your cake without saying. Our expert chefs understand and work according to the event’s design and your ideas around it. We also suggest the best fit for you after having a proper discussion on cake design, flavour, and theme accordingly. We share our experience with our customers so they can decide what is best for them after all it would be a LIFETIME event and experience. Let’s celebrate that with Bakeneto and you count memories and count us on the cake. Bakeneto aims towards full customer’s satisfaction and have been able to delivery best from us and we have been emerged as one of the most trusted brands for big Anniversaries, Birthdays, Wedding, and Engagement cakes etc. Dream for BIG Cake and Bakeneto will make it for you.


FAQs Related to Wedding Cakes


Q1. Bakeneto makes Egg or Without Egg cake?

Ans: We are a 100% Egg-less bakery, and this makes our product unique as we use the best ingredients to make best-in-class bakery items. 


Q2. What is the minimum weight required for a wedding cake for a gathering of 100 People?

Ans: The minimum weight required for a gathering of 100 people is around 10 Kg. It also depends on the Flavor and design and setup of the cake. Call us on customer care to know more.


Q3. How many days in advance we should book cake from Bakeneto?

Ans: For Weeding cakes or Engagement cakes Bakeneto usually takes orders by 1 day in advance. It also depends upon the user’s theme, and we can also ask you for 2 days in delivery based on the size and design of the cake. Sometimes we deliver the cake on the same day also.


Q4. Does Bakeneto make hanging cakes for weddings too?

Ans: Yes, we make hanging cakes. We do make two types of Hanging wedding cakes and we have multiple stands available. For these types of cakes, we need to Order 4-5 days in advance so we can do proper theme preparations and serve you the best of your desired result.


Q5. Does Bakeneto make budget wedding cakes as well?

Ans: We do suggest this post getting your theme and then we see the minimum quantity needed in attaining this design. For example, we can make a 4 to 5 Kg normal yet delicious and beautiful wedding cake in 6000 also the same weight can go up to 9000 and so on the basis cake’s theme, design, and type of the cake. Feel free to discuss this all directly from 9:00 Am to 10:00 Pm on 7071634634.