100% Eggless
1 Hr delivery
Eco friendly
Mid-night delivery

Book Fresh Cup Cakes Online

Cupcakes are the sweet little pack to refresh our mood in no time and if you get the best of the quality then there is nothing like it. Enjoy every special moment and give a special touch to your feelings with delicious & fresh Cupcakes from Bakeneto. Get fresh Cupcakes as per your desire in less than 2 hours in Noida, Ghaziabad and Noida Extension now. Craving for Cupcakes? Call Bakeneto! We offer 100% Eggless and Fresh cupcakes and deliver them to you quickly. We have a variety of cupcakes to fit your celebration for every occasion. Want to say Sorry! Want to say Thank your best buddy! We can send Cupcakes online in just 2 hours of time and can deliver on same-day booking.

Bakeneto offers you the best cupcake online with the best quality and freshness along with super fast delivery. Want to send a cupcake set online in Noida to your loved one? Don’t worry now! Bakeneto will do it for you as we have a same-day delivery option absolutely free. We have Customized cupcakes as well for occasions like Valentine’s week, Father’s day, Mother’s Day or Lady Accessories etc. You just pick a flavour like Chocolate cupcake or Vanilla Cupcake or any specific theme and let us know.

FAQs Related to Cup Cakes

Q1. Bakeneto has Egg Cupcakes also?

Ans. No. Bakeneto only prepares and delivers 100% Eggless bakery items be it Cupcakes, Jar Cakes, Cakes, Brownies, Cheese Cakes or Swiss Rolls etc. All are Eggless.

Q2. What is the minimum quantity we can Order?

Ans. As per the current arrangement of free shipping, we request to book a pack of 4 cupcakes which is available on-site. However, our shop person can come and pick a pack of 2 cups also as per the availability. For better pricing call our customer support number 7071-634-634.

Q3. Can we get delivery cupcakes on the same day?

Ans. Yes, 100%. We just need approx. 2 hours to deliver cupcakes in Noida to your doorsteps. You can also send cupcakes to Ghaziabad to your friends or family starting from 9:30 AM to 12 AM midnight. Post 12 AM slight delivery charges may apply however it will be as per delivery location and availability.