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Book Fresh Pastries Online from Bakeneto

Craving for something sweet, and delicious and wanting to feel that slick melting feeling? Yes! you are at the right place as Bakeneto baking fresh pastries for you all. Bakeneto has some handmade yummy pasties which will curb your taste bud’s desire. ‘A slice of heaven' is how our exquisite range of pastries is described - from the classic black forest to choco-chip pastry, from the fresh cream pineapple to Honey-Almond and Customized authentic Red Velvet pastry which you’ve never tested before.

Send Pastries to your Loved ones in Noida / Ghaziabad / Noida Extension.

Today, pastries are consumed worldwide, and new variations are developed routinely.

Order pastries online from Bakeneto tucked in beautiful boxes to be delivered to your loved ones. They can be relished by people of all age groups. Now, whenever your guests or old friends pay you a sudden visit, you need not worry because you can order sweet pastries online from us in Noida and GZB comfortably seated at your home and leave a lasting impression in their hearts.

Our pastry bakery makes sure that your ordered delicacies reach you at your desired time. So, whenever you crave something sweet now, give our fresh and scrumptious pastries a try and we bet they won’t let you down.

Bakeneto has a few mouth-watering flavours in pastries which are Black Forest Pastry, Butter Scotch Pastry, Chocochip Pastry, Dark chocolate Pastry, Blueberry Pastry, Kiwi Pastry, Honey-Almond Pastry, Pineapple Pastry etc. All are bigger in size compared to regular pastries available in the market

FAQs Related to Bakeneto Pastries

Q1. What is the Size of one pastry by Bakeneto bakery?

Ans. Our one Pastry weighs around 110 Gms. Get the best pastries in Noida from Bakeneto as we give the best quality at a reasonable price with a FREE home delivery service.

Q2. Can I book 1 pastry from Bakeneto?

Ans. We need a minimum of 4 pastries to get the free delivery option from Bakeneto. However, you can book 1 piece also but for that user must come to our shop.

Q3. Can I request for customized pastry from Bakeneto?

Ans. Yes, we do take customized Orders also. Here, the user would need to share the design with us and post that we confirm the price and a minimum piece for home delivery options.

Q4. Can you deliver it to Delhi?

Ans. Yes, we can. First, we need to know the area details and some minimal delivery charges may apply. However, if the order is of >2000 then we can do free delivery near to 10 Km area. We can discuss that on call. Call us at our customer care number.