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Book Fresh Jar Cake Online from Bakeneto

Want to have something sweet, rich in flavour and a tempting sweet dish which can make your mood like Yummm…. Yes, Bakeneto baking some best Jar cakes for you and your dinner mates.

Just a bite would be enough to take you to the quick round of heaven itself. We have a wide range of flavours in Jars starting from Pineapple to Red velvet to customized jars as per specific occasions on any theme we do everything in jars. If we are celebrating themes like Ladies special, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, or Best Dad ever etc. we have everything with us at a decent reasonable price and with best of the quality. We have a Jar gift hamper also which can be made available as per your need. So, why wait? dig into our site and pick your best-loved flavour and we can turn your order into a special sweet delight.

Send a Jar Cake to your loved ones and bring a smile to their face.

Change moods by ordering a Jar cake for yourself or for a friend/s. A small can be proved magical in many situations and Cheer-up your mood in just 1 minute and bring a smile to your face. Why wait to give yourself to achieve your day’s target or even celebrate quick instant birthdays in the office etc. Bakeneto will send it within 1 hour of ordering via the same-day delivery process. This small-sweet token can say sorry on your behalf and see the smile on their face, when words are not enough then this can be your solution. Send a jar to them and see the magic as it helps us express that we can’t.

To name a few, we have 9 special Jar which are, Oreo Delight Jar, Blueberry delight Jar, Butterscotch Jar, Strawberry-Kiwi Jar Cake, Honey-Almond Jar Cake, ChocoChip Jar Cake, Pineapple Jar Cake, Black Forest 2 Jar Cake etc. Each comes with a unique taste and with a richness of its flavour. The price range starts from Rs. 149/ Jar and sets of 2 in Rs 299 with a Bakeneto discount coupon code.

FAQs Related to Bakeneto’s Jar Cake

Q1. What is the weight of one Jar of Cake by Bakeneto bakery?

Ans. Our one Jar comes in 350 ml Jar. Get the best quality Jar cake in Noida as we give the best of the quality at a reasonable price with FREE home delivery service.

Q2. Can I book Single Jar from Bakeneto?

Ans. Users need to Order 2 Jars to get the free delivery option from Bakeneto. However, you can book 1 Jar also and take delivery from our shop.

Q3. Can I request for customize Jar from Bakeneto?

Ans. Yes, we do make customized jars also. We do prepare theme-based Jar cakes like Ladies special, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Avenger’s themes or Best Dad ever etc. You can also share your own theme and we can make it for you.